Do’s and don’ts in a relationship

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Falling in love is a nice feeling that all of us experience. Entering into a new relationship makes our life all provocative again. You spend your morning, evening and nights thinking about your mate, and everything around us looks even more beautiful.  

We change for them. We start to like their interests. We learn about sharing. We know what sacrifice means. You want to make the life of someone else beautiful. Their playlist becomes yours. Romantic songs dominate your playlist, and we often relate the lyrics of a song with our boo.    

During the initial stages of a relationship, you lose track of time and find yourself daydreaming throughout the day. You also wait eagerly for their text or calls. We eagerly wait to see them, talk to them or simply be around them.

Despite the beautiful feelings you go through, one can also get insecure and start distrusting themselves in the initial few days of a new relationship. The initial excitement can also stop you from being yourself and land you in trouble.

For all of us, it is essential to understand that a relationship isn’t grounded only in aesthetics and passions. It’s about an individual and what they want or need in a relationship. A good relationship involves how well the individuals  

  • Connect with them  
  • Find out who they are as a person  
  • Understand their fears and  
  • Support their beliefs.

A relationship grounded on trust and respect is better and can last longer than one built on appearances. Life may not be a bed of roses, but for sure you want your relationship to be like one. Below are some of the do’s and don’ts you need to know to have a smooth-sailing relationship.


Don’t bring up your fears.

One of the mistakes that many people tend to make when they start dating someone new is starting to unmask their relationship fears and anxieties right from the start. Doing so during the initial stages of a relationship can make your partner feel overwhelmed. Keep the conversation exchanges short and sweet, and don’t overshare during the initial stages.

When you both, as a couple, mature together, you can slowly begin to express your fears and help them understand you fully.  

Don’t be glutinous or clingy.

The launch of a new relationship is instigative. You always want to be with your partner, and when you aren’t with them, you feel like calling or texting to ask every bit of detail about their life. There is a sense of void when they aren’t around us. In such situations, you have to calm yourself down and give them enough personal space. You don’t want to overwhelm them with your presence. Even as a mature couple, you need to respect each other’s personal space.

Don’t take them for granted.

Taking anyone for granted is a severe mistake that can destroy a relationship. When someone becomes a part of your routine, it’s easy to forget what it was like before they came into your life. You get comfortable with them. You get used to their comfort. When you get too used to having someone, you stop appreciating what you have. You no longer pursue them as you once did.  

Don’t allow envy or insecurity to overcome you.

A long-believed myth is prevalent that when people are in love, they don’t find others attractive. Unfortunately, people can find others attractive. But what keeps a relationship going? It’s trust and loyalty that helps us overcome our insecurities.

Yes, people are going to hit on your partner. You are not the only one who finds them alluring. But when envy arises, one might be telling their mate that they are not confident enough in themselves or feel insecure.

It is essential to communicate clearly with your partner and discuss your feelings and fears.

Have a realistic expectation of them.

You can feel that your relationship is too good to be true. Is it realistic, or is it some fantasy you have about how you want the relationship to be? It is easy to be influenced by so many feel-good movies and thinks that a relationship is a walk in the park. In most cases, this can be far from the truth.  

Reverse the roles and suppose they were demanding as much from you. Could you handle it? Don’t have high prospects.  

When you’re in a new relationship, it might feel like your mate is someone out of a fairy tale with their fascinating looks, tone and sweet personality. Often, we overlook their flaws. Having your head above the shadows isn’t good, at least not on the morning of a relationship.  

It’ll take time for you to understand if they’re the trouble. It is better to be patient and see where the relationship takes you to. It is crucial to understand that the love language of an individual can be extreme poles. It takes constant effort and realistic expectations to keep the fire burning in a relationship.

Don’t lose your space.

When you spend every moment with your newfound bae, it’s easy to lose your sense of tone. The previous daily routine can become less important, and you might change your schedule based on their availability.  

Going to a job, working out, taking out some time to see your family and friends, and going out with your mates can seem less important. Thus, it’s important to spend some time by yourself and indulge in acquisition and activities you enjoy doing alone.

Have the saturday as a boy’s day, and it’s okay to go without checking on them. Let her go out as late as she wants to on a Friday with her ladyloves. As important time as you spend together, it’s important to have their own life.

Don’t let passions and feelings make up.

When you let negative passions make up, what happens is it can all come out at the wrong time. Take heavy or negative feelings as they come and address them immediately. Keeping the wrong foot at the wrong place can carve a gap in the relationship.  

Feeling passionate is common. But as an individual, you need to make sure that passion for the other person should not blind your eyes.   

Help them to feel secure.

They should be as confident in themselves as they’re in you, and it’s your job to make them feel safe.

Do appreciate them

Appreciate the rates that you like in them. No matter how small of a compliment it might feel, appreciating them will show them how important you like and value them. This creates a strong foundation for your relationship.

Sort out your priorities

When you’re in a relationship, it’s important to sort out your priorities right from the start. For instance, if your partner wants to spend time after a busy week and you end up taking a rain check frequently, they will get annoyed.

It’s more found in people who are in a relationship for a while. Plan dates that will help both of you spend time together. Having priorities and giving them space is fine. It is also very important to be serious about the relationship. Make sure to go against the clock to find a happy time for both of you.

Watch out for the red flags.

Occasionally, new connections, especially relationships, overwhelm you to the point of losing your senses, and most people overlook the red flags. A red flag is a sign of behaviour that will turn out to be problematic to the partner.

For instance, if your mate gets too jealous of you and starts controlling you, you might suppose they’re doing that out of love. But it can only make effects complicated. Make sure you speak to a trusted friend or a counsellor about this because they aren’t overwhelmed by the freshness of the relationship and are suitable to provide answers more logically.

Admire yourself

Esteeming yourself highly is important. However, how do you anticipate other people to admire you? Also, you must observe how your mate treats other people. If you don’t admire yourself, the chances are, they will ultimately be discourteous towards you, If they’re discourteous towards other people.

Repay the gestures  

Be it planning dates, giving gifts or showing appreciation, both of you have to put in some effort. If your mate is the one who’s constantly making efforts, calling you or texting you, after some time, they will feel like they’re being taken for granted, if they’re the ones who take action all the time. When there is reciprocation, they will appreciate it and know the feeling is collective if you imagine their sweet gestures and conduct.

Prioritise communication

Miscommunication is the main factor that ruins most connections. One of the tips while starting a new relationship is to make sure you communicate duly with your partner. However, be open about it without rejecting your mate if you’re irked or worried about something. Your mate will understand you and where you’re coming from when you convey your feelings to them.

To sum up

Falling in love is a nice feeling that all of us experience. Despite the beautiful feelings you go through, one can also get insecure and start distrusting themselves in the initial few days of a new relationship. The initial excitement can also stop you from being yourself and land you in trouble.

For all of us, it is essential to understand that a relationship isn’t grounded only in aesthetics and passions. It’s about an individual and what they want or need in a relationship.


What are the do’s of relationships?  

1· Connect with them  
2· Find out who they are as a person  
3· Understand their fears   
4· Support their beliefs
5· Give them space
6· Have realistic expectations and
7· Don’t be clingy.

What are the five most important things in a relationship?  

The most important aspects of a relationship are
1· Open communication
2· Listening and feeling heard
3· Loyalty
4· Kindness
5· Compassion and  
6· Vulnerability.

What things destroy a relationship?

1· Taking your partner for granted
2· Not communicating properly
3· Ignoring your partner
4· Not fulfilling their needs and  
5· Threatening


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