Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Bangkok

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

“Bangkok is the place of massage parlours and nightclubs.” This is naturally the first thing that springs to mind for most people. However, the city is more than that. Most travellers who returned from leisurely trips knew the city well for its culture. The top attractions in Bangkok are evidence that it has much more in store, though. These attractions provide a profound experience. This is in addition to being an excellent representation of Thai culture. 

These locations are must-see ones. Bangkok has plenty of attractions. This is irrespective of the nature of your travel. It could either be a family trip or a solo trip. This is also a good place to go on your honeymoon! They provide unrivalled sensations and endless enjoyment. Let’s discover the top Bangkok tourist destinations that will enable you to experience Thai culture, lively nightlife, and mouthwatering, real Thai food. Not only that, but Bangkok tourism has been growing recently, and some of these locations may even bring you back to your early years and evoke nostalgic feelings.

Wat Arun


You won’t ever worry about “things to see in Bangkok” because there are so many magnificent museums and beautiful temples. The city’s most magnificent temple is Wat Arun. It is popularly known as the “Temple of the Dawn; It is even more exquisite at dusk. This temple lies on the west bank of the river Chao Phraya. It is a treasure. It is well worth seeing. This is because of its location and architectural style. The Hindu goddess Aruna is the source of the temple’s name. And it is highly revered by the locals. It is regarded as the top family-friendly destination in Bangkok.

Jim Thompson’s House

Jim Thompson’s House is an unusual but fascinating site in Bangkok, Thailand, and is frequently included among the best places to visit. After World War II, Jim, the well-known American spy, stayed in Thailand and helped the city’s lost arts come back to life. The six buildings in this collection, both in terms of collection and construction, magnificently capture the essence of ancient Thai architecture. This Bangkok tourist destination ought to be on your itinerary if you enjoy visiting museums.

Grand Palace

Grand Palace in Bangkok

Grand Palace is a well-known tourist destination in Bangkok. It is located centrally. Your vacation to Thailand will be fulfilled only after visiting this palace. One of the top tourist destinations in Bangkok, this historic home of King Rama of the Rattanakosin Kingdom today offers regal rituals and educational excursions for all kinds of travellers. See a glimpse of the king’s regal life, which will make you regret your everyday existence. In addition to his home, this is the location of the magnificent “Temple of the Emerald Buddha.”

River Chao Phraya

Chao Phraya River flows south to the Gulf of Thailand. It is full of adventures waiting for you. While the captivating ferry trips and the excellent dinner cruise are strong reasons to come here, its scenic splendour set against the backdrop of amazing structures makes a visit even more worthwhile, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Bangkok. Winter in Thailand is particularly pleasant in this region, so visiting here in December or February is a terrific idea.

Lumphini Park

This park is the perfect location to enjoy the peace. It has quiet and cool air. You can relax in the shade provided by the natural surroundings. It is ideal for tourists of all ages. It offers a variety of the following:

Cool activities like paddle boating and rowing. 

You should make time to visit Lumphini Park. This is whenever you’re in Bangkok. This is the best place for your romantic retreat. It is also good for a family outing and solo exploration. It’s a wonderful spot for a family picnic. This is especially true during the day. It is also regarded as one of Bangkok’s most well-known locations!

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

It is previously called Siam Ocean World. It is the magnificent Ocean World. It is unquestionably one of Bangkok’s must-see tourist destinations and ideal for day-trippers. It is situated on two levels. This is well below the opulent Siam Paragon retail complex. It is sure to astonish you. This is with its exhilarating adventures and 30,000 inquisitive species. They have been gathered from all over the world.

Weekend Market, Chatuchak

It is the most well-known destination. It is an excellent activity, especially for shopaholics in Bangkok. You can easily visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market from any part of the city. The immense size and varied collection in this market will undoubtedly capture your heart. It will always leave you wanting more. This is even after you’ve spent all of your money. Look for goods to purchase for your friends and family back home. Here, you can buy souvenirs. You can also get a lot of mementoes from your trip.

Wat Pho


It is situated behind the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This temple is a top tourist destination in Bangkok. It is regardless of your religious beliefs. It is also an excellent spot to receive a Thai massage. The temple is famous for a 46-meter-long and gold-leafed huge Buddha. It provides a calming atmosphere. This is the best place for a family visit in Bangkok. 

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is, without a doubt, a must-see location in Bangkok. In this place, you can take pictures with your favourite stars. They are placed at this globally renowned wax museum. You can also touch and embrace them. This is the place to go if you want an exciting evening. It gives you an opportunity to stand next to well-known celebrities & artists.

Safari World

In contrast to other zoos and animal observation spots in Bangkok, the well-known Safari World allows animals to go freely and at their own speed. It features a large Safari Park where you can drive around and see wildlife, as well as a Marine Park where you can buy souvenirs, enjoy local cuisine, and enjoy engaging live events. Without a doubt, this is the perfect location for an exciting day trip. This is among the top adult tourist destinations in Bangkok, and it is not just for children.

Erawan Museum

One of the most well-known museums in Bangkok and one of the greatest spots to see sightseeing in Bangkok, this museum is well-known mostly because of the magnificent three-headed elephant monument that greets you as soon as you enter and leaves the city. Exquisite antiquities and rare old religious artefacts fill the three floors inside, providing visitors with sufficient information to gain a sense of Thai tradition and culture.


Chinatown in Bangkok is all one could hope it would be—a sanctuary for foodies, a shopping heaven, and a place of worship. You should visit the lively alleys of this Thai town. It helps you to get a sense of the local way of life and culture. You can, without a doubt, include this place in your travel itinerary. This is even if you visit Bangkok for a minimum duration trip. 

How to Apply for a Thailand Visa?

If you choose to apply for a pre-visa, you can do it online via Thailand’s official website. Alternatively, visa-on-arrival is an offline visa option. You need to apply offline for this. However, be aware that obtaining an offline Thailand visa would require you to wait in lengthy lines. This is at the Suvarnabhumi airport.

You can easily obtain a Thai visa. You can follow the steps:

You must register using the official Thailand eVisa website.
Complete the application form by entering all of your details.
Pay the visa application fee.
Await the processing of the visa.
You will receive an email. Your final visa will be delivered.

You may monitor the status of your visa application. This is by signing in to the Thai e-visa website. You can check the status of your visa application using your passport number. You can also use your visa number to obtain your comprehensive details.

Paperwork Needed for a Tourist Visa

A passport that is valid for at least six months

About eight passport-sized photos that are no more than six months old
Evidence of return-ticket proof
Hotel reservations
Bank statement or proof of funds


Bangkok offers an adventurous experience due to its diverse geography, while immersing oneself in the rich culture and traditions of the country is a highlight. Crafting a comprehensive travel itinerary is crucial for a Bangkok trip, along with the prudent addition of travel insurance to your plans


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