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Squint is also called crossed eyes or strabismus. It can occur when a baby is born or during the growing stage and at any age due to different causes.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Squint. It should not be left as such, as even childhood cancer of the eye can present with Squint. So a proper evaluation should be done whenever anyone has Squint.

What is Squint?

Improper alignment of eyes is called Squint. It can be upwards, downwards, outwards or inwards.

Does Squint cause defective vision too?

Squints can be associated with defective vision, and hence thorough checkup is needed to look for defective vision.

What are the symptoms of Squint?

The most common symptom is the deviation of the eyes. Defective vision, Headache, Eyestrain and rarely double vision can be other presenting symptoms.

What should parents do when they notice deviation of eyes in their child?

Parents should not leave it as such, thinking it as a sign of luck. Immediately child should be taken for consultation with an eye specialist, however small the child may be.

What will the doctor test on the child?

The doctor will examine for refractive error and look for retinal problems after putting dilating drops in both eyes. The doctor will take measurements for the degree of Squint using a few devices.

Can Squint occur in one or both eyes?

It can be unilateral or bilateral.

Does Squint run in the family?

Certain Squints can run in the family.

Is wearing glasses a treatment for Squint?

Most Squints are associated with refractive errors. Hence it should be ruled out, and if glasses are needed, it is prescribed. Certain Squints get corrected by wearing glass.

Is surgery available for Squint correction?

Certain Squints need surgical correction, and if done, results are very good.

Is Squint surgery done in one or both eyes?

Depending on the measurement of the Squint, the surgeon decides to do it in one or both eyes to give good correction.

Is Squint surgery painful?

For children, surgery is done under General anaesthesia, and for adults, it is done under Local anaesthesia. Postoperative mild discomfort may be there for a few days.

Is Squint surgery cosmetic?

Squint surgery is not primarily done for cosmetic reasons but for proper visual alignment and fixation. However, Squint surgery can be done for cosmetic reasons on a blind eye.

What happens if Squint surgery is not done at the appropriate time?

If surgery is not done at the appropriate time, then the affected eye will turn lazy, and deviation will become more.

What is a lazy eye?

The lazy eye, also called Amblyopia, is reduced vision, which cannot be improved further if treatment is not taken immediately upon diagnosis.

Can Squint surgery be done at any age?

Age is not a hindrance for Squint surgery, provided the patient is fit for surgery.

Is there any complication for the Squint surgery?

The procedure is very safe, and complication rates are very rare.

Does it require admission?

Admission is not needed. It is done as a daycare procedure.

What is Pseudo Squint?

Here the patient does not have a true Squint. Due to prominent nasal folds, it may have a Squint appearance, but the Squint evaluation will take negative.

What treatment is needed for pseudo Squint?

No treatment is needed. Reassurance is needed. Mostly as the child grows, it disappears.

In conclusion

Squint is not the one that should be left unattended, thinking it brings luck, but it’s the one which should be corrected at the earliest to get good stereoscopic vision.


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