Top 10 Destinations to Explore in Phuket

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Phuket is well-known for its beaches and there are lot more destinations to explore in Phuket, particularly the lively Patong Beach and the calmer Kata Noi Beach, but it also contains a vast array of historical sites and tourist destinations. Choose between a night of partying on Bangla Road or a day of sightseeing at Big Buddha Phuket, or explore the vibrant alleys of Phuket Old Town and take a day excursion to the stunning Similan Islands. To assist you in choosing which stops to include on your schedule, here is a list of 25 of the best locations to see in Phuket.

Phang Nga Bay

Our list of must-see locations has long been topped by Phang Nga’s breathtaking beauty. There are many methods to investigate it. You may explore Phang Nga by canoe through caverns and enclosed lagoons, or you can enjoy a leisurely Chinese Junk ride during the sunset. The most delightful and restful experience is spending a whole day on a specially designed private cruise around Phang Nga if you can afford it. Typically, day visits to Phang Nga include a visit to Koh Panyi, a town fully constructed on stilts, and the well-known James Bond Island. 

Freedom Beach

You may easily travel to one of Phuket’s most stunning and remote beaches if you find Patong Beach to be a bit too crowded and overdeveloped. From Patong Beach’s southern tip, one may take a long-tail boat to Freedom Beach; the round-trip fare is around 1,500 baht. Freedom Beach, which is about 330 yards long, features the smoothest white sand and breathtaking blue sea. The hills around the sea are densely covered with verdant vegetation, providing stunning scenery for pictures. 

Big Buddha of Phuket

Big Buddha in Phuket

At the summit of Nakkerd hill in the southern part of the island stands the famous 45-meter-tall white marble monument known as The Big Buddha. In 2002, work on this statue began, with all donations going toward its completion. It’s a fantastic thing to do since it will always bear your name. Keep in mind that Big Buddha is a sacred location rather than merely a landmark. Respect it by dressing accordingly. If you want to wear shorts or skirts that fall beyond the knee, you will have to put on a sarong that will be given to you by security at the door. 

Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town is in the heart of Phuket Town. The 18th-century tin mining boom provided the funds for the construction of Phuket Old Town, and the results are evident. In addition to other structures built in the distinctive Sino-Portuguese architecture, there are several exquisite mansions that were originally owned by the tin barons. Nowadays, hotels, restaurants, stores, and museums are housed in many of these structures. It’s simple to spend a day touring Phuket Old Town on foot and stopping at charming cafés for refreshments. 

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Island - one of the Top 10 destinations to explore in Phuket

Phi Phi is a stunning archipelago with amazing beaches and massive cliffs spanning two bays that you can observe from a well-known vantage point. Younger people also know Phi Phi for its infamous all-night beach parties, which are reminiscent of Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Parties. However, there is a cost to fame, and Phi Phi could have gained too much notoriety. Unless you rent a hotel in the island’s north, do not expect to find yourself strolling alone on the desolate Maya Beach as they do in the movie The Beach. 

Phuket Weekend Night Market

The biggest night market on the island is the Phuket Weekend Market. There are lots of interesting antiques, trinkets, and keepsakes to peruse, in addition to delicious regional cuisine. It may take some persistence to find something distinctive and creative at this night market, but there are plenty of options, so investigation will usually be rewarded with the perfect memento. Particularly in the covered area, the Phuket Weekend Market may get extremely packed and stuffy. 

Tiger Kingdom Phuket

Tiger Mound Phuket is a well-known destination where tourists may interact one-on-one with stunning Indochinese tigers that have all been nurtured by people. The size of the tiger you wish to see will determine how much a visit will cost. The most expensive tigers are 1,300 baht, while tiny and medium tigers are just 900 baht. A ticket that permits several visits with tigers of various sizes is also available. Every interaction lasts ten minutes, and visitors are free to take as many pictures as they like. 

Similan Islands-One of the best destinations to explore in Phuket

The Similans lack the striking scenery that many have come to identify with the Andaman Sea, such as the limestone islands of Krabi or Phang Nga Bay. You come across low-lying structures that are densely forested. The bigger trees are ironwood and gum trees; the denser undergrowth is made up of bamboo, rattan, and jackfruit. The islands are home to a considerable variety of birds, squirrels, bats, lizards, crab-eating monkeys, dusky langurs, and a good number of other animals (though the monkeys are shy and rarely seen by the casual observer).

Chalong Temple

Chalong Temple In Phuket

Chalong Temple, often known as Wat Chalong to the locals, is the biggest and busiest Buddhist temple in Phuket. The most recognizable structure on the temple grounds is a 60-meter-tall stupa that is home to a piece of Buddha’s bone. Inside, each floor is adorned with generously donated golden sculptures, and exquisite murals and pictures on the walls and ceilings depict the life of Lord Buddha. Remember to wear suitable clothing and it is important to take off your shoes and headgear when you enter the temple structures.

Thalang National Museum

The museum was first constructed in 1985, its popularity began to decline because of shoddy maintenance and an outdated layout. The new arrangement truly highlights the exhibitions with its superb lighting and well-thought-out design. The displays itself include a wide range of topics related to the history of the area, including prehistoric beginnings, the tin mining boom, and contemporary life in Phuket. A vast array of antiquities, statuary, ancient photographs, maps, and drawings are all on display. 

List of Documents Required to Travel to Phuket:

Phuket is the ideal destination for many travellers. The destination has breathtaking beaches, exciting nightlife, and rich cultural legacy. Make sure you have the necessary paperwork, though, before you can enjoy the sparkling seas or the tropical heat. This is a thorough overview to the documentation you will need to visit Phuket, Thailand.

· Valid Passport

· Valid Visa

· Travel Insurance

· Travel Itinerary

· Return or Onward Ticket

· Proof of Accommodation

· Health Declarations and Vaccinations

· Other Vaccinations

· Financial Proof

· Personal Identification

Since rules are subject to change, always verify the most recent travel advisories and entrance requirements. If you have the necessary paperwork, you’re ready for an amazing trip to Phuket. 

Visa Application Process to Visit Phuket:

Step 1: Identify Your Visa Category

Decide on the appropriate visa category for your Phuket journey, tailored to the duration and intent of your stay.

Step 2: Compile Necessary Documentation

Ensure you have all essential documents ready. Typically, this includes:

· Completed visa application form

· Recent passport-sized photo

· Valid passport

· Proof of travel arrangements (return ticket)

· Financial statements

· Health insurance (if applicable, particularly for STV)

Step 3: Submit Your Visa Application

After filling out the application, submit it to the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country. Some consulates provide online application services, but you might still need to present physical documents or attend an interview.

Step 4: Pay the Visa Fee

Visa fees differ based on the visa type and your nationality. Payment methods vary, so verify the specifics with the relevant embassy or consulate.

Step 5: Await Processing

The visa application processing times can vary. Mostly it ranges from 5-10 business days. The visa approval delay can be of any reason. 

Step 6: Retrieve Your Visa

Once approved, collect your visa from the embassy or consulate. If you apply online, you can receive the approved visa through the email ID used for registration.

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The above-mentioned places are the top ten places to visit in Phuket. The landscape perfectly encapsulates Phuket, making it an essential destination for any tourist. Set off on an expedition to this tropical paradise, where each location guarantees unforgettable encounters. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Phuket, Thailand, most known for?

Phuket is well-known for its beautiful beaches, active nightlife, and rich cultural legacy. Patong Beach is well-known for its boisterous environment, whilst Kata and Karon beaches provide more relaxing surroundings. The island is also known for its luxury resorts, scuba diving, and island-hopping excursions to the adjacent Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay.

How many days are enough to visit Phuket?

To see the main attractions of Phuket, five days is enough. This gives you time to relax on the beaches, visit local markets, see cultural attractions. Some of the must visit places are the Big Buddha and Wat Chalong and take day tours to adjacent islands.

Is travel insurance required to visit Phuket?

Travel insurance is not required when visiting Phuket. Travelers are advised to buy travel insurance for financial protection. Travel insurance can cover medical crises, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen occurrences, giving the necessary financial help at the needful times.


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