Top 10 Must-visit Places in Poznan

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Poland’s oldest cathedral with its Renaissance town hall may be found in Poznań, the capital of the Wielkopolska region. However, this historic city is more complex than first appears. Check out Culture Trip’s best picks.

Here are some of the top sights and activities in Poznań, from the legendary headbutting of billy goats to the opportunity to make your own regionally renowned croissants. Adolf Hitler once lived in a castle.

Visit Old Market Square and Town Hall to see the billy goats.

On the Old Market Square, which is cobblestone, Poznań’s Town Hall dominates the scene. Every day at 12 pm, people assemble to see the appearance and horn-locking of two mechanical billy goats. There is a legend that a chef saw two grazing goats when he looked away from the venison feast he was preparing in search of a substitute meat. Much like today, the goats wriggled free of his clutches, raced up the clock tower, and started butting each other in front of onlookers.

Imperial Castle

Imperial castle in Poznan

Discovering the Poznań Imperial Castle is a fascinating activity for anyone who enjoys architecture and history. Located in the centre of Poznań, this landmark provides an intriguing look into the city’s rich history and regal lineage.

The Imperial Castle is sometimes called Zamek Cesarski. Today, it is a thriving centre of history and culture. Its magnificent rooms host a plethora of theatrical productions and concerts. 

Franciscan Church

Franciscan Church in Poznan

Make sure to include a visit to the Franciscan Church in your schedule for a surprise treat. Built between 1674 and 1728, this modest church is located close to Market Square and from the exterior may appear to be any other in Poland.

But inside, there’s a stunning show of Baroque extravagance, with colourful stucco, carved wood, and paintings by local monk Adam Swach. His brother Antoni created the elaborate stalls and high altar, which stand out because of their brilliant colours.

Brama Poznania

Known as the “Gate of Poznań,” Brama Poznania is housed within a modern structure. It is a cutting-edge teaching facility and interactive museum that highlights the rich history of the city. Its glass front and elegant lines blend in perfectly with the neighbouring old structures

National Museum in Poznan

The National Museum in Poznań combines Art Nouveau and Neoclassical architecture to display majesty and beauty within a unique historic edifice. Visitors are greeted with a wide variety of objects and artworks from different eras and genres.

Travellers will find a wide range of artwork in the museum, including impressive Italian, Dutch, and Flemish paintings, medieval pieces, and modern Polish art with stunning Impressionist pieces. It is noteworthy for having the greatest collection of Spanish art in Poland, which includes works by renowned artists like Ribera and Zurbarán.

Maltanka Miniature Railway

The Maltanka Miniature train is popular with tourists of all ages, a haven for train aficionados and a great opportunity to take in views of Lake Malta. The railway, which gets its name from the picturesque lake it runs alongside, has a small gauge track with adorable tiny trains that evoke enthusiasm and nostalgia.

Old Zoo

The Old Zoo is sometimes referred to as the “Zoo on the Citadel.” It is housed inside the old Poznań Citadel. It provides a distinctive fusion. This is of history and nature. This old zoo was open from 1874 until 1974. It has been turned into a verdant haven. This encourages exploration and leisurely walks.

New Zoo

This is situated on the outskirts of Poznan. It provides a fascinating look. This is in the animal realm. This is within a contemporary and well-kept building. Visitors are greeted with well-kept landscaping and a friendly atmosphere when they arrive. This makes the place feel welcoming to everyone.

Royal Castle

Royal Castle

Poznan’s Royal Castle, which dates back to 1249, was the pride and pleasure of the city for many years. The Swedes had a different opinion and left it in ruins in the 1700s. The breaking point came when the Royal Castle sustained more damage during the Siege of 1945.

Attempts were made to start rebuilding in 1959. Something that took till 2016 to be finished. Right on schedule for your visit. The magnificence of the castle has once again adorned the metropolitan skyline, and its historical significance is recognized today.

Palm House

Built-in stages began in 1910, and Wilson Park’s Palm House originally featured cactus and palm plants. It is currently the biggest palm house in Poland and among the biggest in Europe.

When you go in, the place is lively and smells lovely with exotic flowers. It is perfect on cooler days since the temperature rises, emulating tropical conditions. The Palm House features parts that depict several habitats and a variety of plant types.

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Importance of Travel Insurance to Poznan’

Getting International travel insurance is a wise safety measure. Every Indian visitor needs to do this as well. We are visiting Poznan right now. Unexpected events do occur. Getting comprehensive travel insurance is crucial. This is to avoid really high medical expenses. This is especially true considering the high expense of healthcare in Poland.


Poznan is a lovely destination for travel. A detailed schedule is necessary. This makes the region more thoroughly explored. to ensure you don’t miss anything. Having extensive travel insurance is also essential. When you plan your trip, make sure you reserve one. 


What are the costs for Indian people applying for a visa to Poland?

Depending on the kind of visa, Indian citizens’ costs for Poland visas vary. The cost of a Schengen visa for a brief visit is typically about 80 euros.

What are the prerequisites for Indian nationals who are already in Poland to extend their visa?

Indian nationals who wish to prolong their stay in Poland must apply before their existing visa expires and offer a good cause for the extension, such as an unexpected event that calls for a longer stay. It is also necessary to provide evidence of enough finances for the longer stay as well as supporting documentation for the request for an extension.

Can nationals of India use their Poland visa to enter other Schengen nations?

Yes, Indian nationals with a valid Schengen visa from Poland were permitted to visit other Schengen nations during that time. Subject to the validity period and any special restrictions mentioned on the document, the Schengen visa permits unrestricted travel throughout the Schengen Area.


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