Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations to Visit in Washington

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Washington DC is an American city that will undoubtedly pique your interest. This is especially in history. This is because it is home to some of the most fascinating museums. It is also famous for historic monuments. All of Washington DC’s tourist attractions aptly demonstrate the nation’s long-lost past.

This is a city you should visit when visiting the United States if you have ever been enthralled with historical tales of conflict, might, and grandeur. These are a few of the greatest locations in the city that will enhance your understanding of the local way of life while also providing you with an inside look at it. Look it over!

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial honors Abraham Lincoln. He was the sixteenth president of the United States. Its architecture is remarkable. However, it is not what makes it particularly attractive. There is a rich history behind it. You can begin your journey on a historically significant note. This memorial is a must-see!

White House

There are several locations to see in Washington, DC, but you just cannot not miss an attraction like the White House! This pristine white structure, which is rumored to be the president’s mansion, has made the entire country and city famous. Even if you won’t have time to see the entire house, a peek inside will still make you feel like a king or queen!

Washington Monument

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument, one of the most popular sights in Washington, DC, is another building constructed in the honor of a strong man. The city’s name was subsequently inspired by the name of Washington, DC, the first president ever! It was constructed in his honor! You should plan a visit to an attraction with such captivating tales!

Tidal Basin

Tidal Basin is a great summertime destination in Washington, DC. It is home to several well-known historical landmarks. It provides breathtaking views. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is here. You can indulge in boating here. It is the ideal place for leisure and tranquility. This is without a doubt.

National Gallery Of Art

Make sure to indulge the art lover inside you. You will tend to appreciate art when you visit the gallery. Ft has a variety of artworks. They range from the medieval centuries to the present.

National Museum Of American History

The National Museum of American History is a great historical site in Washington, DC. It will surely pique your interest in history. You can study in detail about the birth of the country. You can also witness how it developed into a strong empire. This is by going to this museum!

National Air And Space Museum

It’s the ideal site for you to visit if you’re an aviation and rocket enthusiast. This museum offers information on the development of aircraft as well as their history. You will undoubtedly feel proud of how far human creativity has come after visiting this location!

Mount Vernon Estate

George Washington formerly possessed the enormous estate. This is known as Mount Vernon. It is perched on a hill. It has stunning views of the mountains. It is a 14-room mansion. This has been refurbished from time to time. Now, it is filled with antiques. They date back to the 18th century.

National Cathedral

National Cathedral

Visit the well-known National Cathedral. This is to appreciate the magnificent architecture. You can experience the vibrant culture of the American metropolis. This church is colossal sight to see in the city. It provides a serene as well as beautiful setting. Thus, be sure to visit this location. This is even if you’re not particularly religious.

International Spy Museum

There is one place that worth your entire Washington trip. The place is the International Spy Museum. It is the world’s biggest collection of international espionage artifacts. Because of this, this place goes by the name International Spy Museum. Being here will awaken your inner spy as well. It goes without saying. Therefore, the International Spy Museum need to be high on your list. 

National World War Memorial

This memorial was constructed after the Second World War. It is a memorial to those who gave their lives in World War II. It is beautifully designed. It has a magnificent fountain in the middle. It also has several symbols of victory. This is in addition to its extensive history. Therefore, you simply must not miss this location. This is especially if you have ever been fascinated by the tales of the World War.

Smithsonian Zoological Park

A sightseeing trip of this wonderful location in Washington, DC, will bring you closer to the natural world. There are almost 400 species in this national zoological park, including elephants, lions, pandas, and more. Observing and spending time with these animals will undoubtedly satisfy your inner nature enthusiast. It’s true that coming here is among the top things to do in Washington, DC.

John F. Kennedy Center Of Performing Arts

The 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was an avid art enthusiast and supporter. The performing arts center named for him was established with the same goal of encouraging artistic expression. Throughout the year, millions of people visit there and attend numerous shows. Around six o’clock in the evening, there’s a free concert that you may attend and learn a lot about art.

National Museum Of Women In The Arts

National Museum Of Women In The Arts in Washington

This museum is the sole establishment that celebrates the contributions made by women to the arts and houses an impressive collection of these women’s accomplishments. It gives an experience unlike anything other and includes pieces made by women as early as the sixteenth century!

Potomac River

Make sure to explore the neighboring as well as breathtaking Potomac River. It serves as a gateway to many of the city’s well-known attractions. The river offers various sports activities:

  • Kayaking
  • Cycling
  • River rafting
  • Sight seeing

Documents needed to apply for a US visa:

  • Original passport having with two blank pages that is valid for at least six months after the date of entrance
  • Every previous passport with DS-160 validation
  • Confirmation of interview appointment
  • A recent 2 by 2 inch snapshot with a white background was taken. A printout and a digital copy of the photo are needed.
  • Receipts for the visa application fee or evidence that the visa application charge (MRV fee) was paid

Supplementary Documents

To demonstrate that you will return to your home country following your brief visitation in the United States, the following documentation is needed:

  • Bank statement for the previous six months showing a sufficient balance
  • Three years’ worth of updated and attested Form 16 income tax returns
  • Travel Schedule outlining the route
  • Leave Authorization Document, Salary Slip for the Previous Three Months, and Company Visitation Card
  • Evidence of business registration, an updated bank statement, the company’s latest three years’ IT returns, and a visiting card. (In the event of self-employment)
  • An invitation letter, a copy of the inviter’s passport or resident permit, and proof of address (if visiting family and friends)
  • ID card from school or college (if student)
  • Parental ID or a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required if the minor is traveling without their parents.
  • Statement of pension (if retired)
  • Updated bank statement, sponsor ID evidence, and sponsorship letter (if applicable)
  • The host company’s invitation letter and the Indian company’s cover letter (pertaining to a business visa)
  • Supporting Financial Documents: Share certificates, fixed deposits, real estate investments, and other investments, among others (Optional)

Please be aware that in order to complete biometrics and the visa interview at the US Embassy and Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC), a personal appearance is required.


There are plenty of places to visit in just one city. That is Washington DC. A proper travel plan facilitates you not to miss any famous tourist attraction. It is also better to opt for a travel insurance plan for your USA trip. This will protect you from various forms of travel and health inconveniences. Set out for your adventure!


What are the requirements for an Indian national seeking a tourist visa to the United States?

First, you need to be in good health. You should have enough money. This is to finance your stay in the United States. You need to have have a valid passport. Only then, you will be granted a tourist visa to the United States. Additionally, you must show that you have close ties to India. It could be through a job, family, or property.

What distinguishes a B2 visa from a B1 visa?

Short-term business travel to the US requires a B1 visa. However, for tourist travel purposes, you will require a B2 visa.

How long does it take to obtain an Indian tourist visa for the United States?

The duration to process an Indian tourist visa application for the USA varies. This is depending on the embassy or consulate you apply to. Your application usually takes up to 300–320 days. However, it may take longer during the busiest travel seasons.


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