20 Best Tourists Attractions to Visit in Morocco

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Morocco is a large nation. It surpasses France in size. It has many different regions. Morocco boasts a long sandy coastline, steep mountains, beautiful valleys, isolated villages, and energetic urban centers. It is sometimes associated with desert travel. Let us discuss about the top travel destinations.



Morocco’s capital city is a wonderful travel destination. It has a rich historical background. It was first erected in the eleventh century. At that time, it served as a stronghold. It evolved into a prominent center of politics and culture over time. 

Rabat is a place where you can see the blend of history and modernism. Tourists are drawn to Rabat. This is mainly because of its historically significant sites. They include:

the Kasbah of the Oudayas 

the Chellah necropolis

You may, through these buildings, discover more about Morocco’s rich past. This is marked by numerous dynasties and cultural influences. 


Chefchaouen is known for its serene and gorgeous atmosphere. The town has characteristic blue hues. They provide a peaceful refuge. This is from the crowd and noise of the larger cities. Its charming medina welcomes you. You can relax and take a walk in the neighbourhood. It is full of meandering cobblestone alleyways and artisan shops. 


It is often referred to as Morocco’s spiritual and cultural hub. Fez is a vibrant and historically rich city. It still continues to grow. It was establishes as the initial capital of Morocco. This dates back to the seventh century. What draws people to Fez is its enormous medieval medina, Fes el-Bali. This is designated by UNESCO. It features several historic sites and narrow lanes. 



Marrakech is often known as the “Red City.” It is a combination of colours and sounds. It is full of bustling souks and lively squares like Jemaa el-Fna. The other major historic attractions are 

The Saadian Tombs 

Bahia Palace

The city is filled with Middle Ages-era castles. It is also full of mosques and gardens. It harbours lively marketplaces. All of which have a rich history that dates back almost a millennium. 


Essaouira is situated on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. It has a rich history that stretches back to the 18th century. It hosts UNESCO-recognized medina. The town is popular with musicians and artists. It is also full of crafters and galleries. It has many studios that showcase a vibrant artistic culture. 

Merzouga (Sahara Desert)


Sahara Desert is the unavoidable tourist attraction in Morocco. This is the only place where you may have unique experiences. It hosts romantic nights. You can spend all your time in a desert camp. You can look at stars and fascinating sand dunes. You can go out on a safari. Also, try camel riding. This gives a unique experience.


Without a doubt, you have to see Tangier. Its capacity to combine the conventional with the avant-garde, the old and the modern intrigues cultural experts. Every visit is an exploration of time and creativity because of its unique position as a gateway between continents, rich history, and ongoing creative legacy.

Ait Ben Haddou

This is a fortified village. It is recognized by UNESCO. It is a remarkable example of Moroccan architecture. That is the traditional Moroccan mud-brick construction method. It is known for its unique beauty and historical significance. This place has served as a favourite setting for numerous films. Here is where the films “Gladiator” and “Game of Thrones” were shot.


Meknes is a more relaxed and calm approach to exploring Morocco’s former grandeur, even though it is sometimes overshadowed by its more commanding urban rivals. Its majestic gates, particularly the Bab Mansour gate, showcase exquisite Moroccan craftsmanship and architectural brilliance. 

The Royal Stable is another notable feature. Meknes offers a more tranquil experience than the busy medinas of Fez and Marrakech, making it an excellent place to see Morocco’s architectural beauty away from the crowds of visitors.


The old Roman ruins of Volubilis offer a unique opportunity to study Roman North African history, akin to visiting Pompeii. 

It has extraordinarily well-preserved mosaics and structures. This archaeological site is near to Moulay Driss Zerhoun. This is a prominent spiritual center. It is the cradle of Morocco’s first kingdom. 


It is renowned for its beaches bathed in sunlight. Agadir is a coastal haven. This is true for tourists seeking relaxation. Make sure to indulge in surfing and jet skiing. However, these are just two of the many water sports available here.


This place is relatively modern by Moroccan standards. Casablanca is a thriving metropolis. It draws people from all around Morocco. This is mainly in pursuit of employment. It is most known for its roles in Hollywood films. Casablanca attracts tourists seeking a more authentic Moroccan experience. This is mainly due to its raw and real vibe. 


Another name for Ouarzazate is the “Gateway to the Sahara.” It serves as a starting point for your adventure. This is where you can fully explore the desert. It’s a place you simply must see if you love movies. Scenes from popular films like “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Gladiator” were filmed here. 

Dades Valley

This is situated in the Atlas Mountains. Dades Valley offers a magnificent drive. This is through rough gorges. They are adorned with soaring cliffs and winding roads. That includes the Todra and Dades Gorges. 

It is possible for you to see real Berber villages. You can interact with the locals. You can also gain more cultural knowledge. The valley offers unique scenery and lush oases. It has expansive views. All these make it an excellent choice. This is especially for road trippers and nature lovers. 

Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi, which is close to the settlement of Merzouga, is well-known for its massive sand dunes, some of which may reach heights of over 500 feet. Comel rides are popular there, allowing guests to enjoy the majesty of the desert. 

Todra Gorge

With its narrow, steep cliffs, this breathtaking canyon is a rock climber’s and a hiker’s dream come true. The Todra River has deep grooves in the limestone rocks, creating a unique and magnificent natural setting. 

Visitors can explore the gorge on foot. They can also hike along the valley. They can even attemot rock climbing on the canyon walls. 

Ourika Valley

Situated in the Atlas Mountains close to Marrakech, the picturesque Ourika Valley is renowned for its stunning waterfalls, among them the well-known Setti Fatma Falls. Visitors may enjoy picnics by the river, hikes to explore the valley’s natural beauty, interactions with Berber towns along the way, and sightings of Barbary macaques! 


Tiznit is renowned for its fine silver jewellery. One of the popular tourist destinations is the town’s jewellery market. Because the historic medina is brimming with gorgeous designs, it is a place of skilled artisans at a new level. It’s a perfect place to purchase unique mementoes. 


You can access Mount Toubkal from Imlil. This is the tallest mountain in North Africa. It is situated in the heart of the Atlas Mountains. You can explore the surrounding valleys as well. Make sure to visit Berber towns. You can also try a trek to the summit. 

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Application for Visa properly typewritten.

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The following are the requirements for entrance to Morocco:

To enter Morocco, all Indian nationals must have a current passport and visa. All applicants living in India, including foreign nationals and Indian citizens, must submit this. As a result, the following are the entrance criteria for an Indian passport to Morocco:

You are either on a work or vacation trip.

You’ve got a ticket back.

Either you have an invitation or a hotel booked.

You need to have enough financial backing.

You need a valid passport 


Travelling to Morocco is exciting. This is because of its geographical landscape and rich cultural heritage. Having a sound travel plan is of utmost importance. This helps you explore all the major tourist attractions in Morocco. Also, make sure to secure your travel with a solid travel insurance plan. Set out for your trip and explore Morocco.


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