What is Travel Insurance

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*


When you set off for international travel, you may be flying to enjoy an exotic vacation, education or business. There are certain health and travel mishaps you may encounter during your trip. Travel Insurance plans can ensure proper compensation for such unforeseen events while in travel.

Let’s understand Travel Insurance better!

What does Travel Insurance mean?

Travel Insurance is a unique product that covers your medical and financial emergencies which might arise during your overseas travel. A wide range of scenarios during your travel is covered, including medical emergencies, passport loss, delayed or cancelled flights and misplaced or lost luggage. Hence, to make your journey safe and hassle-free, availing the best Travel Insurance plan should be the first step when you plan for your most awaited trip.

Why is Travel Insurance important? 

Compared to the pre-pandemic era, more international travellers seem to be buying Travel Insurance as it covers the major travel emergencies that could disturb your trip.

Travel Insurance is always an important pre-requisite for your trip abroad and is quite affordable while still providing greater coverage. A robust Travel Insurance policy is loaded with benefits providing financial protection for your health and travel-related problems. 

Features of Travel Insurance policy

Some key benefits of Travel Insurance include,

  • Unforeseen medical expenses covered

Late-night flights, time zone changes, weather changes, taking different cuisines and the current pandemic situation (lingering risk of COVID-19 infection) can make you fall sick during your travel time, landing up in unexpected hospitalisation. 

Incurring a cost of a medical emergency beyond your budget could lead to financial stress. This is where Travel Insurance plays a crucial role by offering extensive coverage for in-patient hospitalisation, transportation to the nearest hospitals and many more.

  • Loss of Checked in baggage or delayed of Checked in baggage

Loss of checked in baggage or delay of checked in baggage while travelling or other reasons is quite common. Stay away from worries by opting for Travel Insurance, where you can be compensated for the loss or damage to the luggage while travelling.

  • Flight delays and cancellations

There are multiple reasons due to which flight gets delayed, the reasons may be extreme weather conditions, late-arriving aircraft, delay in connecting flights and mechanical delays. Here the Travel Insurance policy comes to your rescue to cover the cost of incidental expenses at the airport if the flight departure is delayed beyond the stipulated duration.

  • Emergency evacuation

Emergency medical evacuation in the Travel plans provides transport assistance in the event that you become seriously ill or injured during your travel. Most Travel plans also include coverage for repatriation of mortal remains.

  • Loss of passport

A passport is the most important document you carry while travelling abroad. If your passport is lost, stolen or damaged, your Travel Insurance provider will make the necessary arrangements to provide you with a copy of your passport. Furthermore, it will also provide you with financial assistance for acquiring a duplicate copy of the passport and will help quicken the process.

  • 24/7 support

For those insured with Travel Insurance, a 24×7 emergency helpline is provided to overcome emergencies in a foreign country. It is also essential to carry a copy of the insurance document while travelling. The Travel Insurance emergency helplines can help you with details of the nearest hospital or can assist you in arranging for an emergency evacuation.

Thereby, Travel Insurance acts as a safety net when you fly and protect against unforeseen medical expenses and other travel-related issues.

In conclusion

Hence, by understanding the importance of Travel Insurance and its coverage, you’ll be able to make the best decision on whether to buy it or not. On the whole, Travel Insurance is a valuable investment that fetches you peace of mind while travelling. 

Star Health Insurance provides various Travel Insurance plans for you and your family’s overseas travel, corporates travelling for business and students studying abroad.


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