10 Cancer signs women shouldn’t ignore

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Lifestyle changes, food habits, work and personal life balance, the environment and culture bring in a lot of changes in our health and day-to-day life. The phases that are unique to a women’s life, like the menstrual cycle, menopause, PCOD and other related factors, bring about several changes in their body.   

Women’s bodies undergo a lot of changes during these phases of their lives. This leads to the majority of cancer symptoms being misjudged.   

Cancer might not be a concern, especially at a young and healthy age. Cancer is the deadliest disease. Cancer has a place in the list of diseases that cause major death. Despite the cure treatments and medication, death because of cancer is inevitable.  

That is why cancer is termed a deadly disease. Cancer results from the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Various factors like lifestyle alterations, environmental changes, certain infections, etc. can trigger cancer.   

10 Cancer signs not to be ignored by women

Cancer is a concern of all ages and gender. For cancer, it is well and good to diagnose and treat it in the early stages.   

The below rundown offers 10 cancer signs and symptoms that women should be aware of.  

Abnormal vaginal bleeding  

Abnormal vaginal bleeding is the symptom experienced by women with Cervical, Vaginal and Endometrial cancer. Vaginal bleeding is abnormal after menopause. So, bleeding after menopause, let it be even a blood spot, creates a concern to consult a doctor.  

Abnormal bleeding before menopause is also a concerning symptom. Bleeding or heavy bleeding between the menstrual cycle and at the time of sexual intercourse needs medical treatment. It can also be the symptom of Cervical and Vaginal cancer.   

Weight loss  

The event of your sudden weight loss happening without a change in your diet and exercise regimens should not be ignored. Gradual weight loss is not a word of concern, but massive weight loss is surely a concern. Weight loss is often overlooked in cancer symptoms. So, don’t overlook the abnormal weight loss.  

Breast lump  

Even though Breast cancer affects both women and men, women are more likely to fall prey to it. New lumps, discolouring and changes in the size of the breast or nipple are the symptoms of Breast cancer. Redness and changes of the breast skin can also be listed under the symptoms of Breast cancer.   

Only self-examinations can prevent such diseases. Notice the changes in the body to diagnose the disease at the early stage.

Foul-smelling vaginal discharge  

Dark and foul-smelling vaginal discharge are the symptoms of vaginal infection. Other than vaginal infection, the symptoms can also be the causes of Cervical, Vaginal and Endometrial cancer.  

Abnormal bloating  

Bloating in women is normal before the start of the menstrual cycle. If bloating happens once in a while, then it is common. The concern arises once the bloating becomes frequent. If the bloating continues for over three weeks, it can be a symptom of either Ovarian or Gastrointestinal cancer.   

Wait for three to four days to see if bloating gets cured on its own; if it does not cure, then it is the best time to consult a doctor. When the bloating is accompanied by weight loss and vaginal bleeding, then the situation needs immediate medical treatment.   

Skin changes  

A gradual or sudden change in skin colour brings concern. Moles that change in appearance, colour, or if they grow larger, then it requires medical attention. Do not overlook the above symptoms because it falls under the category of Skin cancer.

A self-examination can diagnose skin cancer at an early stage. If any abnormalities are to be found in the skin, consult a doctor without any delay.  

Frequent fatigue  

Tiredness and sleepless nights cause fatigue. But it also exhibits some abnormal activities taking place inside the body. If fatigue is frequent, then consult a doctor.   

Fatigue comes under the symptoms of cancer. People often assume their reason for it, but the real reason will come to light only after consulting a doctor.   

Abdominal pain  

Abdominal pain is the often-felt symptom by all women. It is normal to experience abdominal  pain before, after and during the menstrual cycle. If the abdominal pain occurs during a time other than the menstrual cycle, then it should be treated.   

Abdominal pain may be the early warning sign of Liver, Pancreas and other digestive cancers.   

Body pain  

Abdominal pain and experiencing body pain during the menstrual cycle is normal. The concern arises when the body pain occurs in the normal routine and disturbs the daily work. If the pain prolongs for three to four days, consulting a doctor becomes necessary.   

Loss of appetite  

Loss of appetite can occur occasionally; however, the reason for loss of appetite is more in number. Digestive disorder and certain cancer like Ovarian cancer are one of the reasons for loss of appetite.    


Cancer can occur to anyone irrespective of age and gender. The concern is to be aware of the visible changes in the body. The best prevention step for cancer is diagnosing and treating it in its early stage to prevent further complications.  

If the symptoms mentioned above exist, it doesn’t mean that you are suffering from cancer, but it creates an emergency to consult a doctor. Be aware of the symptoms, don’t misjudge and overlook them. Regular health check-ups are necessary to diagnose the disease in its early stage.


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