13 Self-care tips for women

13 self-care tips for women

Women need to nurture themselves by means of emotional, physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

When women take up self-care, the final pathway leads to empowerment, and it simply charges her life. If she takes care of herself regularly, she can better handle the life challenges that are bound to come up in her life.

According to WHO, women who exercise regularly, eat right, get sufficient sleep and find satisfaction in their work and personal lives are less prone to depression, anxiety and illnesses such as heart diseases.

When focusing on emotional health and well-being in the face of changes like the COVID-19 pandemic, self-care is more important for her than ever.

Taking care of oneself may be hampered by family responsibilities, employment, social obligations and others. However, in the end, you are best prepared to show up for all of the other people and obligations in your lives when you take care of yourselves and your needs. Self-care is not synonymous with selfishness. Focusing on what makes you feel nourished and meaningful is part of releasing tension and anxiety and establishing a stronger foundation.

Self-care can include a varied range of activities that you enjoy while also benefiting your physical, emotional, spiritual or mental health. The World Health Organization defines self-care as “the behaviours you engage in to take care of your own health,” which might include hygiene, nutrition, leisure activities, sports, exercise, obtaining professional healthcare services when necessary, and much more.

13 self-care inspirations to boost up with

Self-care – an act of caring for oneself. However, in today’s fast-paced and frequently chaotic culture, as a woman, you may prefer to neglect your personal needs. Many are continually placing other people’s wants ahead of their own. Because their own needs have been neglected, some women may become resentful.

You will be able to sail towards a balanced life if you can follow the self-care strategies stated below:

  • Realise your self-worth. Also, realise that self-care is the opposite of being selfish. 
  • Be generous to yourself, as you tend to be with others. You would love and honour your health and well-being. 
  • Make sleep a priority — Your mood and immune system depend on it.
  • Recognise your signs of stress, figure it out. You need to prioritise things you are trying to achieve. 
  • Re-organise your life accordingly.
  • Spending time alone can be as simple as sitting quietly outside, reading a book in the park or relaxing in your favourite comfortable chair in a coffee shop. Beautiful settings of pleasant places – mountains, a biking trail or a neighbourhood park, during spring and fall can lift your mood and shake up your mind and relieve your stress levels.
  • Make supportive surroundings. Build successful relationships that may help you balance the multi-roles you play as a woman.
  • Learn to respond “NO” (it’s a skill!) to any activities you have no/less desire to perform/participate in. It’s a self-care habit, igniting your confidence and inner strength.
  • Altering your daily and weekly routines radically – you may chill out with activities listed here,
  1. Test-drive a new workout, aerobic exercise, Yoga, tai chi and breathing techniques are excellent choices for stress relief and are stress-busting trends too.
  2. Skip, jump, hop and get silly
  3. Play a Game or sport (might be an adventurous sport, team sport, etc.)
  4. Enjoying a hot shower/bubble bath.
  5. Get an appointment for your salon, spa and beauty routines to calm your mind and body.
  6. Engage in Baking. Baking allows you to express yourself creatively. Unlike any creative endeavour, it is a method of self-expression that relieves stress.
  7. Learning new skills – learning to play a musical instrument, new language, martial arts, fashion designing, jewellery making, terrace gardening, knitting and so on can relieve your stressors. If you can frame the new skill as your hobby or fun activity, your stress element will definitely stay out of the picture.
  8. A couple of DIY activities can lower your feelings of stress and anxiety.
  9. Many of us turn to shop, it’s a coping skill, which stimulates the new and improved mentality. Coping skills ultimately distract you from the painful or uncomfortable emotions, especially online shopping (window shopping, at times).
  • Avoid eating mindlessly; eat intuitively;
  1. When you need an energy boost, reach for high-protein snacks.
  2. Look for stress-busting foods on hand
  3. Avoid stress-inducing foods 
  • Handle yourself respectfully, indulging compassionate thoughts.
  • Expand your mind, which can slow down your ageing process.
  • Pamper your health. DIY health checks can detect a variety of women’s health issues, ranging from breast cancer to high blood pressure, and they can just save your life. This can be done in case of any suspicious symptoms. All women should check in regularly (or opt for an annual master health check) with their doctors and let them know of the symptoms felt.

Lastly, aspire to be a superwoman, but don’t hold your breath. Perfectionism, criticism, procrastination, petty complaints and gossip can all be avoided. Do your chores on time and be grateful for your progress. When it comes to extra jobs, know when to say “NO” and delegate responsibilities.

Key Takeaway

Self-care refers to anything you do to take care of yourself to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Its benefits include improved physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

According to research, self-care promotes positive health outcomes by fostering resilience, living longer lives and becoming better equipped to manage stress.

Self-care looks different for each one, but it must promote your health and happiness to be considered self-care. 

Make your SELF-CARE – Your MANTRA!

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