6 Tips to Improve Your Eating Habits

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Good nutrition is the key to good health. Even a small change in your eating habits can improve your health considerably. Here are a few tips that can improve eating habits:

#1 Find the strong and weak points in your diet

Do you have 10-12 glasses of water every day? Do you get enough of calcium, high fiber regularly? If yes, then you are on track. If not, then you have to add more of these in your diet. Keep record of your food intake by writing down what you eat and drink every day.

#2 Stay in touch with your dietitian

Being in touch with your dietitian and doctor is the key to choosing healthy food, as they know how you are doing in terms of your diet and nutrition. Ask help from a dietitian especially if you have a medical problem.

#3 Cut back on unhealthy fat

Almost everyone can benefit from cutting back on unhealthy fat. If you’re currently eating a lot of fat, try to cut down. Rather than frying, try baking, grilling or boiling. Cut back on the extra fat by avoiding butter on bread, sour cream on salad, potatoes and salad dressings, and instead use the non-fat version of these greasy items.

#4 Check the nutrition label

Read the nutrition label, usually given on the back of the packaging, before buying any packed or processed food. It will give you a clear idea of what you are going to consume.

#4 Say no to high calorie beverages

Drink low or no calorie beverages, such as water, unsweetened tea, fresh fruit juices and milk,  as much and as frequently as possible. Staying hydrated in a healthy way is important for good health.

#5 Complement eating with regular exercise

Balanced nutrition and regular exercise – both are food for your health. Continue with them even if your weight never changes.

Try to set goals that you have a good chance of reaching, such as making one of the small diet changes listed above or walking more in your daily life!

Dr Neha Mahajan

PGD (Food and Nutrition)

RG Stone and Super Specialty Hospital


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