8 benefits of laughter therapy

Laughter Therapy

We all laugh to express that we are happy. It is a fact that laughter makes us feel happy but are we aware of the truth that laughing helps to improve our health?

As said “laughter is and always be the best form of therapy,” indeed it is. Laughing is one great medicine to relax. Not only is food meant to share, but even laughter can also be shared. The beautiful laughter comes from the soul and elevates your mind and body.

Laughing therapy 

Laughing is important, but sharing laughter is more important. Learn to laugh and appreciate no matter how small the reason is. Laughing therapy is a psychotherapeutic technique practised to bring physical and mental benefits through laughing.

Laughing therapy is an exercise that encourages voluntary laughing mixed with deep breathing. The therapy runs behind the blind fact that our body is incapable of distinguishing between real and fake laughter. So, faking a laugh can be used to get the same benefit.  

8 surprising benefits of laughter therapy

Laughing therapy is also widely known as laughter yoga. Laughing therapy is a unique way of voluntary laughing. This therapy comes with two benefits, it makes you happier and healthier. Here are the 8 reasons to prove that laughing is the best medicine.

Relaxes the whole body 

While laughing, you are subjected to having longer inhale and exhale. This improves the level of oxygen in your body. When enough oxygen is passed, the whole body receives an adequate amount of oxygen. Oxygen helps to relax the whole body by refreshing the organs of the body.

Reduces stress 

During stress, the body releases cortisol, the stress hormone. Stress damages the physical and mental health of the body. Cortisol increases the sugar level in the bloodstream. Too much cortisol is not good for the body. Laughing helps to reduce or regulate cortisol production. So, laughing helps to reduce stress.

Boots the immune system 

Laughing makes you happy and also produces antibodies that help to reduce the stress hormone and also fights illness or infection.

Improves heart health 

Laughing therapy is the best cardio therapy. Laughing improves the oxygen in the blood and improves the heart pumping rate. Laughing helps to regulate the heart rate. So, laugh and be healthy.

Reduces pain

Endorphin hormones are the body’s natural painkillers. Laughter induces the release of endorphins. These painkillers help to reduce chronic pain.

Works your abs 

One of the amazing benefits of laughter is it tones the abs. During laughter, the stomach muscles contract and expand. This is similar to abs exercise. Practise laughing therapy regularly and get toned abs.

Feel happier 

Practising laughter therapy aids in fighting depression. It relaxes the mind and improves your mood. Instead of getting nervous about assignments, make a confident smile to believe that you can succeed in the task.

Improves well-being 

Laughter can increase your overall health and well-being. People who have positive thoughts tend to have a happier and healthier life than negative people.

Laughter therapy works as the best stress and anger management technique. Laughter gives positive and feel-good emotions. It also helps to overcome your grief and negative energy. Laughing makes you forget your stress and problems.  

Make yourself happier

Sharing your happiness or laughter with others is a beautiful habit. Learning to make yourself happier or to laugh at yourself is an art. Appreciating yourself at a good time will boost your confidence. Learn to laugh at yourself for funny or silly things.  

  • Set a goal to laugh regularly in your routine
  • Set a goal to share your goal with at least a single person
  • Read or watch comedy
  • Practise doing what makes you happy


A laugh can heal the mind, body and soul. Laughing makes you feel better and it also adds a sparkle of confidence to life.

Stress is the buzzword of modern life. Despite age, stress and depression leave none. Laughing and sharing a laugh will make a day better. Remember, by sharing a laugh with your friends and family, you make them happier and healthier. Whatever the obstacle may be, start it with a confident smile and end it with a peal of successful laughter.  

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