How to get rid of dark circles

Dark circles


Dark eye circle is a common phenomenon that is being faced by many people. It is a familiar condition, especially among the people of tropical areas, whose skin complexion is comparatively darker. 

The skin under the eye is one of the most delicate areas that do not have profound oil glands. Due to this fact, this area is highly susceptible to dark circles. 

Dark circle is not a threatening skin condition that you need to worry about. However, it makes you look aged, tired or dull as it is greatly noticeable. There are plenty of reasons that give rise to dark circles. 

What causes dark circles?

Dark circles can occur to you in several ways. To answer how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, you need to know what gives rise to it. 

Most of the time, the dark circle does not imply any serious health conditions. But in some cases, if you have any rashes or prolonged itchiness along with dark pigmentation, it is time for you to consult your doctor. 

Some common causes of dark circles are:

  • Genetic factors
  • Aging
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Straining the eyes
  • Dehydration
  • Shadowing of the skin
  • Melanin pigment’s presence in the dermal layer of your skin
  • Anemia
  • Swelling of eyes
  • Blood vessels exist in skin surface
  • Alcohol and smoking habits
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Exposure to the sun
  • Skin allergies

How to get rid of dark circles under the eye?

After having known the possible causes that may give rise to dark circles, you can now focus on how to get rid of dark circles permanently. There are plenty of ways through which you can remove the dark pigmentation under your eyes. 

1. Getting adequate sleep

As much as sleep is essential for your body and mind, it is also necessary for your skin. A quality sleep rejuvenates your skin cells and keeps them looking fresh. If your sleep gets affected, your skin will tend to stress, resulting in dark eye circles.

A sound sleep of 7 – 8 hours every night will help rejuvenate your skin cells and replenish your skin. 

2. Elevated position during sleep

If you sleep in a declined position with your head leveled below your leg level, some bodily fluids may pool under your eyes. This causes your skin under the eye to look swollen and dark. 

So, make sure to place your head higher than your leg level using pillows. This will highly reduce the occurrence of dark circles. 

3. Use tea bags

Mostly dark circles arise out of the retention of liquid under your eyes. In that case, tea bags come to the rescue. If you wonder how to remove dark circles at home naturally, this could be your best option. 

Because tea is rich in antioxidants and caffeine, it dwindles your blood vessels and helps the gradual flow of blood. This works against the retention of liquids under your eyes, thus reducing the dark circles. 

4. Avoid sun exposure

If you are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, then your body will produce more melanin pigments. This melanin is responsible for the darkening of your skin. This can lead to dark circles. 

You can avoid dark circles by wearing sunglasses, moisturizers and creams with SPF content and keep yourself from overexposure to the sun. 

5. Almond oil

If you ever wonder about how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes fast, you can try almond oil. It is one of the best dark circle remedies available. 

You can gently massage your eyes with a mixture of almond oil and vitamin E. You can use vitamin E capsules that are widely available in pharmacies and mix them with almond oil. 

Apply it under your eyes and massage your skin gently before going to sleep. It will highly diminish the dark complexion under your eyes. 

6. Cucumber

Placing cucumbers on your closed eyes can be another best home remedy to avoid dark circles. Close your eyes and place cucumber slices over your eyes for around 10 minutes.  

This relaxes your eyes and improves the complexion and eye bags under your eyes. 

7. Retinoid creams 

Retinoid or retinol eye creams come as a remedy from the cosmetic basket. Commonly known as an under-eye cream, it prevents and combats not only the dark pigmentation under your eyes but also the wrinkles and eye bags. 

Generally, these are rich in vitamin A, which decreases the secretion of melanin pigment, which is responsible for skin pigmentation. Although these creams are commonly available, consulting your doctor is advisable if you have any skin conditions. 

Should I consult a doctor?

Dark circles, though not a detrimental health condition, could be a social and psychological problem for some people. It may even lower your self-esteem in some unhealthy social environments. 

In that case, if you wish to see a doctor, you can discuss possible ways to get rid of that. Or, if you wonder how to remove dark circles in one day, you can consult a doctor. 

Many a time, doctors would recommend invasive techniques such as 

  • Fat transfer
  • Chemical peels
  • Surgery
  • Implants

Sometimes, doctors will also suggest non-invasive techniques such as Radiofrequency, High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)Pulsed dye lasers, etc., to reduce dark circles. 

To sum up

Developing dark circles is not a serious health condition. Even if you develop dark circles, you can get rid of them even at home easily. 

As they say ‘Prevention is better than cure’. You can avoid its occurrence by following healthy habits. Digital stress is what commonly engulfs people of all age groups. 

It is virtually impossible to lead a life without any digital interference. However, you can distance yourself from digital screens, especially before sleep. Healthy eating and healthy sleeping are the key to getting rid of dark circles. 

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