8 Healthy Swaps for Everyday Food and Drinks

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*


Healthy eating is not about sticking to a rigid diet, abstaining from your favourite foods, or keeping your body in tip-top shape. It focuses more on enhancing health and vitality. Everyone is aware of the numerous advantages of eating a healthy diet, such as controlling weight, lowering the risk of developing lifestyle diseases, and maintaining excellent emotional health.

However, few of us make an effort to begin eating healthily. Establishing a healthy eating routine is simple. Our health can be greatly improved by making even tiny modifications to our food habits. 

It is usually preferable to make little progress towards a healthier and fitter future each week rather than making all the changes at once. We can introduce additional adjustments as soon as smaller ones have become ingrained in our habits.

Healthier food swaps 

It’s simpler than you would imagine to make healthier dietary choices. Without giving up anything you love, you may start living a healthy lifestyle by making a few little, everyday changes.

It all comes down to eating less high-calorie, high-fat, high-salt, and high-sugar items and substituting them with healthier options like more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

You can remove centimetres from the area around your waist and lower your risk of chronic diseases, including certain diseases, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, by eating healthfully and staying active.

Simply swap it, you don’t need to stop it. For instance, substitute a small lunch for a large one. These substitutions can be made as you go about your daily activities at work, at home, or even while shopping. These simple adjustments are simple to implement, and over time, they can significantly alter your diet.

Drink sparkling water or Sparkling green tea instead of soda

Years of scientific research have proven that soda and other sugary drinks are really bad for your health. For instance, drinking soda is linked to a higher chance of developing diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, and metabolic syndrome, a collection of symptoms that includes high blood pressure and abnormal blood sugar levels.

Although many individuals believe that switching to diet soda is the best choice, doing so may actually raise your chance of developing diseases, including metabolic syndrome and stroke. If you often drink soda, think about switching to one of these alternative fizzy beverages

Sparkling water with flavours – Slices of your preferred fruits can be added to a bottle of sparkling water to create a delightful, healthier alternative to soda.

Sparkling green tea –Sparkling green tea provides far less sugar than soda if you need a caffeine hit.

Try oatmeal or chia pudding instead of sugary cereal 

For many people, a bowl of cereal is a must-have for the morning. While there are better selections than others, most cereals tend to be poor in filling macronutrients like protein and fibre and high in sugar.

Additionally, high-fructose corn syrup and artificial food colours like Red 40, which have been linked to behavioural disorders in sensitive youngsters, are frequently found in sugary cereals sold to kids. Choose one of the following high protein, high fibre breakfasts for a healthier option

Chia pudding – Try this tasty, high-protein chia pudding dish for a kid-friendly, slightly sweet, but fibre-rich lunch.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a high-fibre, protein-rich cereals substitute. Make an effort to add healthy toppings like berries, nuts, unsweetened coconut, and nut butter, along with plain, rolled, or steel-cut oats.

Choose homemade granola bar instead of bars of chocolate

It’s totally healthy to indulge in sweet treats occasionally. But overindulging in sweets like chocolates might raise your chance of developing diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

For many people, granola bars are their go-to snack. However, the majority of widely consumed granola bars contain added sugars and other sweet components, like chocolate chips or candy coatings.

Additionally, you can experiment with a homemade granola bar recipe that contains nutritious components like nuts, oats, seeds, coconut, and dried fruit and has less added sugar.

Choose tea and coffee instead of energy drinks 

People frequently resort to energy drinks when they need a quick boost to get through the day. While these beverages can improve focus and attention, the majority contain significant levels of added sugar and stimulants. These drinks can harm your kidneys and induce a rapid heartbeat if you drink too much of them.

Energy drinks can be substituted with a variety of unsweetened, caffeinated liquids to get the same energising effects without the side effects. These consist of coffee, yerba mate, oolong tea, black tea, and green tea.

In fact, they might even provide additional advantages. For example, green tea is filled with antioxidants that could improve heart health and assist in lowering blood sugar levels.

You can alter other aspects of your lifestyle, including sleeping more, eating a balanced diet, and managing stress, to stay alert and focused. This way, you can avoid using stimulants.

Choose whole-grain bread instead of white bread

Many individuals like white bread’s soft, pillowy feel over heartier bread like whole wheat or rye because of its lighter texture. White bread has minimal nutritional value, however, as it is deficient in fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, like all items made from processed grains.

Therefore, replacing it with healthier alternatives can benefit your health. Choose whole grain, sprouted bread like Ezekiel bread if you’re seeking healthier bread. It has a high protein and fibre content, and the sprouting process may make some nutrients more readily available and lessen the bread’s impact on blood sugar levels.

Some delicious, grain-free alternatives include

Sweet potato toast

The best replacement for white bread is thin, toasted slices of sweet potato. In addition to being very healthy, sweet potato toast is also very adaptable and may be topped with practically any ingredient.

Swiss chard or lettuce wraps

Using a Swiss chard or romaine lettuce leaf to wrap your sandwich ingredients will help you consume much fewer calories. Additionally, these leafy greens are a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Portobello mushrooms caps

B vitamins, fibre, and selenium are among the minerals found in abundance in portobello mushrooms. Additionally, they contain few calories.

In place of white bread, you can use Butternut squash toast, cauliflower bread, flax bread, and 100% rye bread as other healthy options.

Replace Chips With nuts or homemade healthy chips 

Chips are a satiating food due to their crispy texture and salty flavour. A pleasant crunch can also be found in fresh, sliced vegetables, including cucumber, carrots, celery, radishes, and daikon. Additionally, they are a great source of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

For a full, savoury snack, serve your vegetables with a dip that is high in nutrients, such as guacamole, hummus, or black bean dip. Healthy alternatives consist of

Nuts – Unsaturated fats that are good for the heart can be found in nuts like cashews, walnuts, or almonds. In addition to vitamins and minerals, they might also include filling protein and fibre. However, they have a lot of calories. Limit your portions to 1 ounce.

Kale snacks – Kale chips come in a variety of flavours and are low in calories while being rich in nutrients.

Fried beets – Beets are a colourful vegetable with several advantages, including lowering inflammation and improving heart health. When transformed into crunchy, nutrient-dense chips, they taste great.

Additionally, you may bake vegetables such as plantains, zucchini, parsnips, eggplant, carrots and radishes to create healthy chips. You may also make a healthy substitute for store-bought potato chips, which are frequently rich in calories, oils, and salt, by roasting thin slices of potato or sweet potato.

Choose semi-skimmed milk instead of whole milk

 You could try switching to skimmed or 1% fat milk if you already drink semi-skimmed.Remember that you shouldn’t serve skimmed or 1% fat milk to kids under the age of five because it lacks the necessary calories and other nutrients for their growth and development. As long as they are consuming a varied and balanced diet and developing normally, children can gradually transition to semi-skimmed milk after the age of two.

Swap ice cream with Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit 

It is well known that ice cream contains a lot of sugar. A serving size of 1/2 cup (65 grammes) of several types contains 12 to 24 grammes of added sugar. If you eat too much ice cream, its high-calorie content may encourage weight gain.

Nonfat Greek yoghurt, which is creamier and thicker than ordinary yoghurt, has 73 fewer calories and less sugar per serving than regular yoghurt.

1· Protein

2· Calcium

Vitamin B12

4· Magnesium

Add some berries, banana slices, or other fruit for sweetness and an added benefit to your health. Together, the fruit and yoghurt reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


It can be simple and refreshing to replace common foods and drinks with healthier alternatives. Additionally, increasing your consumption of whole foods while limiting your intake of calorie-dense, nutrient-poor foods can considerably enhance your general health.


What drinks can substitute for food? 

Drinks that can substitute for food include
1· Water
2· Apple cider vinegar
3· Protein shakes
4· Drinks containing ginger
5· Carbonated water

What are five healthy food choices?

There are so many healthy food choices. Some of them include
1. Fruits and vegetables
2. Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit 
3. Nuts 
4. Homemade granola bar
5. Skimmed milk


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