What is tiredness? Why am I tired all the time?

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Tiredness is the state of being drained and lacking energy. Our body will refuse to perform any kind of activity after a point of time, and we fall asleep.

If a person is tired, they will feel pain. In a day, our brain sends certain signals to our bodies to perform our daily activities. These cycles are called circadian rhythms.

These chemicals are involved in the process of maintaining a hormone called melatonin. This melatonin will be produced by our body when we feel tired which makes us drowsy.

Tiredness can be caused when you overwork or your brain has exhausted after studying for a long time. Tiredness can be caused mentally and physically.

What is body fatigue?

Fatigue is an umbrella term that is used to describe the state of being tired and lacking energy. Fatigue is different from feeling sleepy or drowsy.

Fatigue can give you a feeling of lacking energy and motivation. You will not have any motivation to perform any activity. You cannot club the state of being sleepy under fatigue. But it can also be one of the symptoms.

Fatigue can be caused by certain factors like lack of nutrition, stress and mental health conditions.

Difference between tiredness and fatigue

Tiredness can occur to anyone who has overworked, or at the end of the day, a person might feel exhausted. When we perform strenuous activities, our body will require rest, and it will be expressed as tiredness by our body.

Fatigue can occur due to deficiency or health conditions. You will feel tired when you have a long day. When you feel tired without performing any strenuous activity, it can be called fatigue.

You will not feel tired daily, but when you have fatigue, it cannot be relieved by sleep. Even if you get adequate sleep, you will feel tired when you wake up in the morning.

Ways to reduce body fatigue

In most cases, fatigue can be caused due to stress. You will not be able to sleep continuously at night, and your sleep cycle will be disrupted. These can be the symptoms of fatigue.

Another cause of fatigue can be a vitamin deficiency. Fatigue can be combated easily with certain lifestyle changes and a healthy diet.

Drink plenty of water

In most cases, we confuse ourselves with hunger and thirst. Hydration is important to keep yourself healthy. And for most of the functions of the body, water is required. Water can act as a catalyst and improves the function of the body.

Sometimes, fatigue can also be caused due to dehydration. Whenever you feel tired or fatigued, remember to drink water. This will help keep you active and prevent the body from getting fatigued.

Go to bed early

Sleep is a form of rest we give to our body. When we sleep well, we will feel less tired and fatigued in the morning.

When we do not maintain a proper sleep cycle, it can affect our circadian cycle. The circadian cycle or rhythm regulates our sleep cycle and is responsible for keeping our body alert and sleepy.

This will be regulated by our environment, and when we do not sleep at the correct time for a long time, this can affect our cycle and increase the instance of fatigue.

Exercise regularly

Physical activity is also important to keep our body active and will help us to sleep well at night. Sometimes, when a person lacks physical activity, they will not be able to sleep at night, and their muscle will be stiff.

With physical activity, the muscles can become loosened, and they will be more flexible. Physical activity can also make you tired physically.  Exercise can also make you burn the extra calories you gain.

Apart from physical health, exercise can also make you mentally healthy. According to NCBI article titled “Bidirectional relationship of stress and affect with physical activity and healthy eating”, stated that high stress can reduce physical activity. Additionally, exercise can help reduce stress and have a positive effect on mental and physical health.


Meditation can help reduce stress and improves pulmonary functions. It can also improve inner peace and brings balance to your thoughts. It can avoid wavering thoughts and helps you focus on the activity.

According to NCBI, meditation helps to improve the quality of sleep and reduces the feeling of fatigue and stress in cancer patients.

Eat in regular intervals

Fatigue can also be caused due to overconsumption of food. In some cases, people will skip their meals. This can also lead to fatigue.

You can try to consume foods in small meals at regular intervals. Food can help with the feeling of fatigue and make you energetic.

People often have comfort foods depending on their moods. So, if you have a loss of appetite, you can munch on your comfort food and increase the consumption of food.

If you feel you want to cut down on your calories, you can consume small meals. This will make you full for a long time.

Watchful about health problems

Fatigue can also occur when you have certain health conditions, when there is a deficiency in vitamins, the body exhibit such symptoms.

Consumption of green and leafy vegetables can help you with this condition. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale and cauliflower will improve your body condition and keep you active.

Take a gap at work

When we are at work, we move very less. This can also cause fatigue. We sit for long hours, and this can have negative effects on our bodies.

Chronic sitting can lead to significant health issues. We can try to walk at least every hour. When we are at our workplace, we will not have the necessity to walk.

But we can try to make some time and take a break from our work. This can help you feel less stressed and tired.

Drink less caffeine

Caffeine can also be the reason for fatigue. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, people who often feel fatigued and tired should cut down on their caffeine intake.

Caffeine is commonly found in foods like tea, coffee, energy drinks, cola and some painkillers. If you feel fatigued lately, cut down on these foods.

Stop consuming alcohol

Alcohol consumption can affect your sleep cycle. You will be able to sleep for eight hours, but when you wake up from sleep, you will feel a lot more tired.

So cut down on your alcohol consumption, especially before bedtime. You can also try to have alcohol-free days to reduce consumption.

Take sufficient fruits and vegetables

Sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables can help with the feeling of fatigue. When your body receives enough vitamins and minerals, it will be able to produce the required energy and cope with the body’s needs.

Additionally, fruits and vegetables will also regulate your metabolism and improve bowel functions.

When to see a doctor?

Consult your doctor if there is unexplained tiredness that persists for more than two weeks. Sometimes, even after getting adequate rest and making certain corrections to your food and lifestyle, the feeling of tiredness and fatigue can persist.

In such cases, you might require an expert’s suggestion to get rid of such feelings. Doctors might prescribe you medications that will help with this feeling. Additionally, fatigue and tiredness can also be caused due to certain mental health conditions like stress and anxiety.


There are many ways to beat tiredness and fatigue. Switching to healthy options can make you feel lighter and improves your metabolism.

Physical activity can also make you sleep. This can make your body tired, and you can sleep well. Try some yoga and medication to keep yourself away from stress. Additionally, good food always improves mood and gives positive energy.


How do you instantly relieve body fatigue?

Fatigue can be relieved with the consumption of healthy foods. Physical activity helps you to sleep well, and you will feel less fatigued.

What can I take for extreme fatigue?

Some of the common medications used for extreme fatigue are Trazodone, antidepressants and muscle relaxant.

What is the main cause of fatigue?

The main cause of fatigue can be a lack of exercise.

Why do I feel weak and fatigued?

In most cases, people feel tired and fatigued due to stress and lack of sleep.


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